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Want the TRUTH?

Some groomers say a lot of crap in their ads.  Here's what they really mean:

  "No Tranquilizers"--No shit they don't use tranquilizers!  Only vets can administer them.  By the way, my gardener doesn't do open heart surgery, either.

 "Veterinarian Recommended"--This means they're friends with some vets.  We are too. We've even invited ours over for some barbecues, but our customers recommend us, too.  By the way, I smoke some bad-ass ribs.

"Over 10 years experience"-Quality groomers do quality work that speaks for itself.  Could mean they've done a great job for 10 years, or could mean they've been hacks for a really long time.  The proof is in the puddin'! You can look at pictures of their work, too, but do you really think they'll show you a picture of a dog they screwed up?  We wouldn't.  We know what great work looks like.

"Certified This and That"-This could mean they're world-class (like one highly respected friend of ours down the road in Newark--wink, wink) or that they've paid to take some classes.  Show us your work, not your Certificate of Participation.  Did I mention I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

"All Breeds Welcome"-This is to reassure you that they'll try to groom your dog.  If he's a vicious freak they'll still send you somewhere else or require sedation.  We will too.

"Hydro-Surge Bathing"-This is a pump system set up to recirculate the shampoo water.  Conserves water/shampoo and has great pressure for blasting out dirt.  IT ALSO RECIRCULATES THAT DIRT!  That's just NASTY.  What if your dog rolled in poop?  We have a unique system that mixes the shampoo in a pressurized stream of FRESH water.  Smart people pee in the shower, not the bath.

"Gentle Touch/Loving Hands, etc."-Everyone says that.  Thankfully, it's usually true.  We're dog lovers, too.  We have 6 dogs at home and have never needed to use duct tape on any of them (YET!).

 "Saturday Appointments Available"-Bankruptcy, anybody?  Of course we're all open on the busiest day of the week.  We're even open 7 days a week because that's convenient for you!  Early, too, so you can drop off before work.

"Specialty Shampoos Available"-You mean there's more than one? Well, we have a shampoo or conditioner for everything but ugliness and we know what works.  Just tell us what ails your dog.

So next time a groomer tries to educate you about something, tell them you've already heard it from Precious Paws.  Our barbecue-loving  Veterinarian recommends us because our Certified Groomers have many Years of Experience & don't use Tranquilizers.  We'll gladly use our Gentle, Loving Hands to apply any Specialty Shampoo you want to whatever Breed dog you have, even on a Saturday.  We just won't use that nasty old Hydro-Surge!