Precious Paws

Where Pets Are Happy!

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash (We have the best in the area!!)

Our Self-Serve Dog Wash is safe, easy to use and has four top grade shampoo choices. We supply towels and powerful blow dryers, too.  No more messes in the bath tub! We'll give you expert tips so you get great results. Does it get any better? We offer much better, easier to use equipment than our competitors.  We spent the money to do it right, so you get better results.  We didn't go to Home Depot and buy cheap bathroom bathtubs and mount them on 2 x 4's and plywood.  Our stainless steel tubs are waist-high and have ramps for easy access.  Our shampoo sprayers are great. You just spray the shampoo on (top quality stuff) and scrub away.  No more buying or mixing shampoo.  Here at Precious Paws you get what you pay for !!

All DIY Dog washes are now only $12


Add a Nail Trim and a Blueberry Facial to any SELF-WASH for only $12!

Professional Grooming

We're here for you. We have the best staff around. Award-winning grooming, kindness awards, charming and friendly service? Yep, that's us. With all new, state-of-the-art equipment your little sweetheart deserves. Trust us, your best friend is in good hands at Precious Paws. 

Full Grooms vary in price according to breed, size, coat and condition. Our prices includes: 

  • Bath and Trim
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brush Out
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Cologne

Please NOTE:  prices discussed over the phone are ESTIMATES ONLY!! The price might be higher if your dog's coat requires extra work because it's matted, tangled, shedding heavily, etc.  We can offer more accurate prices when you check in.  Rest assured, though, we strive to offer reasonable prices and to be the best value around !!

 NEW BLUEBERRY FACIAL - add to any groom for only $3!

Pamper Fifi with a facial by "South Bark"! This face wash and brightener is relaxing and cleansing. Your pet will enjoy the experience, you will enjoy the result. The Blueberry Facial cleans and brightens your pet's face.

Come and see what you SHOULD be getting for "their" prices. We don't "pad the bill" by charging extra for services that should be included in a grooming.

Additional Services

Need something else? Some folks enjoy our a la carte menu:

Pedicure (nails trimmed smoothed w/nail file).......... $15

Nail Trim.......... $10

Furminator (De-Shedding Program avail. w/ groom).......... $10-$25 in addition to groom price

Ear Cleaning.......... $5

Anal Gland Expression.......... $10

Tooth Brushing.......... Now only $5

Conditioning Treatment.......... $5

Specialty Shampoo/conditioner.......... $2 to $5 depending on size

Cologne.......... $1

Mozzarella Sticks.......... $5 (no, not really)

Nails & Ears Combo Platter.......... $12

Epi-Pet Skin Treatment.......... $5-$15  

Reservations required for grooming services. Proper attire is a MUST (fitted collar and leash). No reservations are needed for Self-Serve Dog Wash.